Teenagerproof technology prevents teenagers from disabling softwareExclusive Teenagerproof® Technology

Teenagers are extremely resourceful. They are quite skilled at figuring out how to delete log files, screen shots and computer histories. Clever Teenagers even search online for tips from other kids who’ve discovered how to bypass computer monitoring programs and clear browser histories. Computer Parenting uses state-of-the-art Teenagerproof® technology making it difficult for clever young users to bypass the software. User logs are stored securely online where they cannot be altered or deleted. Best of all, Computer Parenting has built-in defenses in order to keep it from being shut down. The program can even be run in “stealth mode” so that users can’t tell it is running at all.

My Daughter the Hacker

My fourteen-year-old daughter figured out how to disable every monitoring program I bought. Even a program that was advertised as being in use by the U.S. Navy was no match for her. Computer Parenting is the only monitoring program that she hasn’t been able to shut down. I’m impressed!

- David from San Diego