Stop Internet Predators

Discover How Real-Time Computer Parenting Can Stop Internet Predators from Harming Your Family

It’s no secret… Each time your child connects to the Internet there are criminals actively targeting your family members. It’s estimated that one in seven children online (ages 10-17) has received a sexual solicitation or approach on the Internet. It’s an unfortunate but true fact. The Internet is quickly becoming a powerful tool for criminals to attack and exploit children. The results are often too scary to imagine.

And, just as your child may be subject to being victim, time spent online also means they also have easy access to pornography – even if they aren’t necessarily looking for it. Can you really be sure they aren’t viewing pornography or other inappropriate content?

It’s Time You Take Control of Your Children’s Online Safety!

Just imagine if you could look over your child’s shoulder any time you wanted. Simply knowing that your invisible presence could be there would certainly make your adolescent think twice before venturing into the dark corners of the Internet. By monitoring the Internet activity of your children you’d be better able to make decisions about what websites and programs they regularly use.

Protect Your Children and Family with Real-Time Computer Parenting!

Computer Parenting is a revolutionary new web-based solution that allows you to monitor and control your children’s computer activity in real-time from anywhere in the world using a browser with Internet access, all with a few simple mouse clicks. You’ll be able to easily understand your children’s computer usage and make decisions about inappropriate content. Best of all, Computer Parenting will make sure your rules are always enforced – even when you aren’t home.