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Did You Know:  One in seven children online (ages 10-17) has received a sexual solicitation or approach on the Internet.

 - Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Dear Parent

"Could the Internet kill your teenager?"

It's no secret... There are criminals actively targeting your teenagers online right now.

The father of Christina Long, a young girl killed by an online predator, said he would "give anything to take that computer back," and that he had "no hint" of what she was doing with the computer.1  The body of Katherine Olson was found in the trunk of her car after going to a babysitting job she found online.2  Kacie Rene Woody, a 13 year-old girl, was kidnapped and killed by a predator she met in a chat room.3  Judy Cajuste, a 14 year-old girl from New Jersey, was murdered.  Police suspect an online predator.4  Police are investigating online predator involvement in the killing of 15-year-old Kayla Reed in Northern California.5

It's an unfortunate but true fact.  The Internet is quickly becoming a powerful tool for criminals to attack and exploit children.  One technique sexual predators use is to pretend to be an interested friend in chat rooms until they develop a relationship with your child.  Then the predator requests personal information such as your child's phone number and address.  The results are often too scary to imagine.

Don't let your teenager become a statistic.

It's Time You Take Control of Your Children's Online Safety!

Predators are just ONE of the FIVE greatest dangers your teenager faces online.  These dangers are each discussed in detail in the eBook, Online Teen Dangers.

Online Teen Dangers covers...

  • The different types of online predators, and how to protect your teenager from falling into their traps.

  • How some teenagers are driven to commit suicide by what happens to them online, and how your involvement as parent can prevent it.

  • How to protect your child from becoming an online porn star or drug addict.

  • A comprehensive safety checklist to make sure you're doing everything you can to protect your teen.

  • Resources you need if your teenager knows more about computers than you do.

I wrote the book Online Teen Dangers, to reach out to parents that are either unaware of the dangers of the Internet, or that are feeling completely out of control about what they can do about it.  As a father of two beautiful teenage daughters, I take the subject very personally.  This book is the result of solutions I found to my frustrations as a parent, that will make your job easier.



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