Membership Benefits

Your Computer Parenting membership includes many features that would cost you extra with most software companies.

Software Upgrades

Becoming a member of Computer Parenting entitles you to free software upgrades. When future releases of Computer Parenting are available, you can log into your member account, download and upgrade your computers without addition cost.

Technical Support

Any time you have a question, you can contact us online or toll-free by phone without additional fees. Our technical support staff will work with you to help resolve your issues quickly. There is no such thing as a silly question. We specialize in helping parents whose kids may know more about computers than they do.


As a member of Computer Parenting, you will have access to our 34-page eBook on how to protect your children and make the most of your home computer. Learn about:

  • Educational Resources Including Software, Web Sites and Skill Development
  • Health Issues Including Computer Obsession, Social Interaction and Childhood Obesity
  • Dangers of the Internet Including Child Predators, Pornography, Internet Crime and Online Gaming
  • Common Sense Ideas for Protecting Your Children, Setting Guidelines and Enforcing Rules
  • Technologies That Protect Your Child


This is a “hidden fee” with some software companies. They charge you for the amount of data that is transferred to and from the Internet when you use their web services. With Computer Parenting there are no hidden fees. Bandwidth is included with your membership at no additional charge.