The Five Greatest Internet
Dangers Teenagers Face

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The Author

David Kent Jones

David Kent Jones has 25 years of software development experience with engineering degrees from both the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.  (This makes it difficult for him to know who to cheer for at rival football games).  David created MegaNova in 1997, an educational website that helps children learn about mathematics, English, science, and much more.  David has engineered infant life-support devices, bomb detectors, robots, military training systems, and satellite communication systems.

David also has nearly twenty years experience has a parent.  He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters that have recently graduated from high school and are attending college.  His background in both computers and parenting make him a unique expert on this topic.

Worried about the dangers of the Internet, David tried several different parental control software packages as his girls were growing up.  Each time his teens would quickly disable them.  Even one that was advertised as being used by the US Navy was no match for teenage ingenuity.

Out of frustration David used the software skills he had used professionally to save lives of others to protect the lives of his own kids.  He created Computer Parenting, an organization dedicated to giving parents the information and teenagerproof tools they need to protect their children on the computer.

David is also the author of the book Online Teen Dangers.  This book describes the five greatest dangers that teens and tweens face online, and how parents can protect them.