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Archive for November, 2008

Online Safety Away from Home

Nov 20th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Are you children safe when they access the Internet at school or at a friend’s house?  What can you do to protect them when they are beyond the safety of your home computer system? You don’t need to feel helpless.  There are step you can take, even if the computers your children are using are [...]

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Your Own Personal Paparazzi

Nov 13th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Children, especially teenagers, are notorious at posting information online about their parents.  They don’t mean any harm, but these young online journalists are like having your own personal paparazzi.  If you vent about your boss, or talk about sensitive subjects from work, your children could overhear and post this information online. They are also quite [...]

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Internet Coming of Age

Nov 2nd, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Parents struggle (or should struggle) with the point at which they open up the Internet to their children.  Internet filters are great at limiting access to “safe” web sites, but not so good at blocking all the bad web sites.  Try to tell a 16 year old that the only web sites they can access are [...]

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