The Five Greatest Internet
Dangers Teenagers Face

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Archive for 'Computer Tools' Category

Be the Cyber Czar of Your Homeland Security

May 29th, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

President Obama’s announcement today of planning to appoint a new head of White House cyber security, should make us think about how secure the networks are in our homes.  Obama said, “Cyberspace is real, and so is the risk that comes with it.” Here are a few quick tips to protect your homes from cyber [...]

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A Cell Phone with Internet Is Like a Loaded Gun

Feb 23rd, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

Giving a teenager a cell phone with Internet is very dangerous.  It is like a loaded gun.  They can access the Internet any time from any where without any supervision to view pornography, order drugs, order weapons, view scenes of explicit real-life violence and be targeted by predators.  As a parent you will be out [...]

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The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Feb 14th, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

What dangers are there in borrowing a wireless Internet connection? Network cables are becoming a thing of the past.  Nearly every laptop that is sold now has wi-fi capabilities built in.  Almost everywhere you go, you can see wireless connections available from your laptop’s wireless utility.  Maybe you even borrow your neighbor’s wi-fi signal.  All [...]

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Computer Inauguration

Jan 14th, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

The computer elections are completed.  Many computer parties, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Apple, all campaigned for your vote.  In the end you picked the perfect combination of gigabytes and gigahertz to meet your needs at that holiday or post-holiday sale.  Now you are opening the box of your computer-elect, what should you do?  Have a computer [...]

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AutoComplete Can Be Auto Fraud

Dec 16th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

The AutoComplete option in Windows Explorer can lead to automatic fraud.  AutoComplete remembers login names, passwords and even credit card numbers.   This leaves your computer vulnerable to a number of problems: 1- Other computer users besides you can access your bank accounts or email. 2- Other computer users besides you can use your credit card [...]

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Online Safety Away from Home

Nov 20th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Are you children safe when they access the Internet at school or at a friend’s house?  What can you do to protect them when they are beyond the safety of your home computer system? You don’t need to feel helpless.  There are step you can take, even if the computers your children are using are [...]

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Internet Coming of Age

Nov 2nd, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Parents struggle (or should struggle) with the point at which they open up the Internet to their children.  Internet filters are great at limiting access to “safe” web sites, but not so good at blocking all the bad web sites.  Try to tell a 16 year old that the only web sites they can access are [...]

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The eGap

Aug 15th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Every generation has its gap.  Rock-n-roll, the hippie movement, disco, heavy metal.  The new millennium brought with it a generation gap so wide that all others pale in comparison.  The eGap. Parents are completely unaware of the second lives their teenagers are living online.  They upload indecent pictures of themselves; buy alcohol and drugs; affiliate [...]

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Looking for Trouble

Jun 25th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

Studies have shown that most of the time when children have problems with sexual predators online, the child is actually looking for a inappropriate relationship.  This does not excuse the predator, since kids do not have the maturity to make decisions like an adult. Parents should be vigilant so they catch their kids looking for [...]

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Internet Traditions

Jun 16th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

What Internet traditions are we creating for our posterity? Yesterday morning my daughter made me breakfast for Father’s Day. This is a tradition that has been with our family for generations. Traditions are powerful. I have witnessed firsthand in the Middle East how traditions can fuel hatred between groups of people for thousands of years. [...]

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