The Five Greatest Internet
Dangers Teenagers Face

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Archive for 'Cultural Impacts' Category

Cyberbullying Hurts

Aug 2nd, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

The following commercial by the Ad Council shows how much cyberbullying can hurt. It’s amazing what teenagers will type online that they would never say in person.

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The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Feb 14th, 2009 by David Kent Jones | 0

What dangers are there in borrowing a wireless Internet connection? Network cables are becoming a thing of the past.  Nearly every laptop that is sold now has wi-fi capabilities built in.  Almost everywhere you go, you can see wireless connections available from your laptop’s wireless utility.  Maybe you even borrow your neighbor’s wi-fi signal.  All [...]

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The Demise of the Blind Date

Aug 26th, 2008 by David Kent Jones | 0

The days of blind dating are over.  A few days ago, my daughter set up a blind date for two of her friends.  Before the date the guy went on Facebook and checked out the girl.  After reading her profile, he decided to cancel the date without giving her a chance. How many happy couples [...]

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